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Baylor Well-Represented at AEJMC 2021 August 11, 2021

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The Baylor Journalism, Public Relations & New Media department were well represented at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) annual conference on Aug. 4-7.

Three faculty members participated as panelists for eight sessions, as well as presented five research papers, two of which received awards. In addition, Dr. Mia Moody-Ramirez served as a keynote speaker for the pre-conference workshop titled “Eyeing the Job Market as a Doctoral Student.”

Dr. Moody-Ramirez served on four panels during the conference. Topics included “Demystifying Academic Speaker Fees: Setting Rates as Underrepresented Scholars”, “Hate/Free Speech”, “Becoming a Public Scholar: Connecting Research to the Popular”, and “Contextual Advertising and BLM Appropriation.”

In addition, she and her coauthors presented the paper “An Analysis of Memes and Misinformation about Kamala Harris’s Rise to U.S. Vice President.” Her coauthors include Dorothy Bland, North Texas; Gheni Platenburg, Auburn; Mira Lowe, Florida; and Lawrence Mosley, Omni Analytics Group.

Dr. Marlene Neill served as a panelist for two sessions and presented two research papers. The panel topics included “Why Should Communication Practitioners Care about Moral Psychology and Ethics of Care? and AEJMC/Peter Lang Scholarsourcing Series: Book Roundup with the Scholarsourcing Authors”, which will feature the book she coauthored with Dr.Juan Meng, “PR Women with Influence: Breaking Through the Ethical and Leadership Challenges.”

Dr. Neill also presented coauthored papers titled “Ethical Organizational Listening in Issues Management for Stakeholder Engagement and Moral Responsibility”, coauthored with Shannon Bowen, South Carolina, and selected for the Professional Relevance Award; and “Moral Orientations and Traits of Public Relations Exemplars”, coauthored with Patrick Plaisance and Jin Chen, Pennsylvania State.

Dr. Alec Tefertiller served as panelist for two sessions and presented three research papers. The panel topics included “It’s All Fun and Games: The Blending of News, Advertising, and Entertainment in the New Media Environment” and “Doctors Are In: Keys to Success in Mentoring and Collaborating with Graduate Students on Research.”

Dr. Tefertiller presented coauthored papers titled “A Vaccine for Social Media? Factors Moderating the Negative Impact of Social Media Use on COVID-19 Protective Behaviors”, coauthored with Nancy Muturi, Raluca Cozma, and Jacob Groshek, Kansas State; “Am I binge-watching or just glued to the couch? Viewing patterns, audience activity, and psychological antecedents for different types of extended-time television viewing”, coauthored with Lindsey Maxwell, Southern Mississippi; and “Speak Up or Quiet Down? The Spiral of Silence, Opinion Leadership, Social Capital, and Presidential Candidate Support on Social Media”, coauthored with Jacob Groshek and Raluca Cozma, Kansas State, and selected for second place faculty paper in the Political Communication Division.