CampusPress Guidelines

Intended Use

CampusPress is a service provided by Baylor University designed to provide personal, professional, or project-oriented websites for academic purposes. This platform supports the creation, management, and hosting of websites that facilitate educational activities, research, academic collaboration, and the dissemination of knowledge within the university community. Websites hosted on CampusPress should reflect the values and mission of Baylor University, contributing to a positive and constructive academic environment. Commercial activities or content not aligned with the academic goals of the university are not permitted. By logging in and using CampusPress, you agree to adhere to all Baylor University policies and procedures, ensuring your content is appropriate, respectful, and compliant with university standards.

Compliance Requirements

When using CampusPress, all users must ensure that their websites comply with the following Baylor University policies:

Archiving Process

To ensure the active use and relevance of the content on CampusPress, websites that have not been updated in the past four years will be archived. Archiving is a process that removes the site from active servers, preserving the content in a dormant state. This helps maintain an efficient and current web environment. If you find that your site has been archived and you need to recover it, you can contact the ITS Help Desk, after which your site can be reinstated to active status. Regular updates and maintenance of your site can prevent archiving and ensure your content remains accessible and relevant.