Site Registration Instructions

Please read the following instructions to get a WordPress site:

  • Faculty & staff will get sites automatically created when they authenticate to this service with BearID (firstname_lastname) and password. Please login by clicking the “Site Login” link above to get your site. Occasionally, faculty or staff with existing accounts whose sites have been archived due to inactivity will have to be reassigned as administrators of those sites–for assistance with this, please use the webmaster contact form found via the “Contact Us” link above to report the problem.
  • Unless they are instructors of record, Graduate Students may get sites only upon request from a faculty, staff, or program sponsor. Please visit this form to request a site for a graduate student.
  • Undergraduates may get sites only upon a faculty member’s request when the faculty member completes this form.
  • Requests for Additional Sites for existing account holders may be completed using this form. Use this form to request dedicated WordPress sites for specific courses or academic projects.

If you have additional questions, please use the form on the “Contact Us” page to get in touch.