-Morgan family photos courtesy the Scott/Logue family.

-McCown family photos courtesy James Ross McCown.

-Special thanks to Katherine Logue for sharing her research on the Morgan family.

-“Believe Me Your Own” promotional video narration by Gardner Campbell.

-Video production by Ian W. Campbell.

-Valentine’s Day reading from Paradise Lost by Gardner Campbell.

-Podcast narration by Lance Grigsby.

-Podcast music “The Lark in the Clear Air” and “Bonaparte’s Retreat” by Shake that Little Foot String Band.  Used under Creative Commons License: Attribution; Non-Commercial; Share Alike.

“Rowan Tree” and “The Bonnie Blue Flag” performed and recorded by Lance Grigsby and used with permission.

“I Love to Steal Awhile Away” performed and recorded by Jeff Wilson and Lance Grigsby and used with permission.

-Thanks to the Digital Projects Group of the Baylor University Libraries for digitizing the Morgan letters.

-Thanks to Tommy DeShong for transcribing the original letters.

-Thanks to Paul Fisher for research assistance and wise counsel on battles and generals.

-Thanks also to Lance Grigsby for webdesign and technical support, and to Carl Flynn and Ilianna Garcia for artwork and web support.

-Special thanks to Texas Collection Director, John Wilson who first envisioned the serial release of these letters and provided support and encouragement for the project.

“Believe me your own…”  Letters from the Battlefield to Fanny from Alex (1862-1865) is an online exhibit curated by Alice W. Campbell for The Texas Collection, Baylor University.

One thought on “Acknowledgements

  1. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to my ancestor and all the soldiers young and old who bravely fought to build this nation. I do not believe that my great, great grandfather would have fought to keep men enslaved as he never had any large amount of property. However, I do believe that he would fight to keep his independence from Federal intrusion in the affairs of individual states which worked to give economic advantage to the North. The audio portion is a very thoughtful addition.

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