Dr. Nathaniel Alexander "Alex" Morgan








Eugenia Frances Morgan ("Fanny") and child




Pet Morgan


Fanny Morgan’s parents:


Elizabeth Green McCown "Ma"

James Conroe McCown, 1808-1852 (Fanny's Father)











 Fanny’s Brothers

David Conroe "Con" McCown

Sampson "Samps" McCown










Jerome G. "Joe" McCown


James Alexander "Jim" McCown with baby Travis



The Morgans in McLennan County, Texas

 Dr. N. A. Morgan, 1886

Dr. & Mrs. Morgan in Waco, late 1880s






4 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. My heartfelt thanks to you and to all who contributed. I have some info on the McCown’s by way of Mic Barnette sent yrs back from Berniece McCown and a few pics on paper from Uncle Jim McCown and Richard GC Montalvo who was kind enough to clue me into your website but other than that this is the first time I have seen other pictures of my father’s family. This means so much to me personally. Thank you again and God Bless you.

  2. Hi there, I was just googling some family history and I came to this site. I am from a mcCown clan in california. My grandfathers name was Jim Mccown. What struck me was your ancestors “James and Elizabeth”. I know I had a great great grandma named Elizabeth who was a descendent from Scottland of the Irving clan. I’m curious if you are familiar with this herratige?

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