People of note

– Dr. Nathaniel Alexander “Alex” Morgan (1823-1907)
Fan or Fanny
– Alex Morgan’s wife, Eugenia Margaret Frances McCown Morgan (1834-1917)
– James McCown Morgan, oldest Morgan son (1851-1918)
– Nicholson Ross Morgan, son (1854-1934)
– Mary Elizabeth Morgan, daughter (1858-1888)
– Charles Conroe Morgan, son (born 1856, died before the war)
– Frances Greene Morgan, daughter (born 1861, died 1862)
Ma & Maj
– Fanny McCown Morgan’s mother and step-father.  Fanny’s father,  James McCown (1808-1852) served in Texas Legislature in 1840.  Her mother, Elizabeth Greene McCown remarried in 1855 to Major William Fortson. Maj. and Mrs. Fortson moved to DeSoto Parish, Louisiana, and Dr. & Mrs. Morgan and children moved from Marshall, Texas, to a farm nearby the Fortsons.
Capt. Jack Fortson
– Maj. Fortson’s son from his first marriage
“Uncle Joe”
– Fanny’s uncle, Jerome McCown, (1821-1887)
“Aunt Bet”  Elizabeth McCown Conrow Roach (1802-1892)
– Fanny Morgan’s aunt.  She married Charles Conrow and later A.M. Roach. Aunt Bet lived in Texas.
– Fanny McCown Morgan’s youngest brother
David Conrow (sometimes spelled Conroe)”Con” McCown (1833-1880)
– brother of Fanny Morgan.
James Alexander “Jim” McCown (1847-1881)
– one of Fanny’s younger brothers.
Jerome G. “Joe” McCown
– brother of Fanny Morgan.  He enlisted with the 19th Louisiana Infantry with Alex Morgan, later transferring to the 32nd  Texas Cavalry
– Enoch Livingstone Morgan, brother of Dr. Morgan.  Born 1825; died 1886. Served in 51st Alabama Regiment.  His military records are frequently mistakenly with his brother Elam Witherspoon Morgan. Enoch returned to Eutaw, Alabama after the war and was a lawyer.
– Elam Witherspoon Morgan, brother of Dr. Morgan.  Born 1829; died at the Battle of Peachtree Creek (near Atlanta) July 21, 1864, of a gunshot wound.  Served with the 29th Alabama Infantry.  (See Enoch above, with whose military records Elam’s are often confused)
– Dr. Isaiah DuBose Morgan, brother of Dr. Morgan.  Surgeon with the 57th Alabama Infantry.  Born 1831; died 1903.
Pa & Ma
– Rev. Nicholson Ross Morgan (1789-1881) and Mary Wilson Alexander Morgan (1794-1877), parents of Dr. Alex Morgan.  Rev. Morgan was a Princeton Seminary graduate (1820) and itinerant Presbyterian minister and farmer.  Transcriptions of some of his letters are among the miscellaneous items included in the Texas Collection files.
– Mary Caroline Morgan Ward (1837-1916), sister of Dr. Morgan. Married to Dr. James Riddle Ward who served in the 12th Alabama Infantry, Company E.
– Emma Morgan McLemore (1840-1914), sister of Dr. Morgan.  Married to Philip B. McLemore.
– Emma’s husband (see above) Philip B. McLemore, a lawyer who died of dysentery during the war.  He served with the 36thAlabama Infantry..
Bristow or Briss
– Slave of the Morgans who is with Fanny Morgan in Louisiana during the war.
Old Joe or Jo
– Slave of Rev. N.R. Morgan who was with Alex Morgan during the war.
– Unknown soldier, but perhaps Peter Clarkson of DeSoto Parish who served in Company F with Alex Morgan.

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  1. Reading between the lines says a lot about a doctor’s life in uniform in that war.
    It’s a wonder he survived emotionally while hating the enemy.

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