Nostalgia and Brain Damage

I suppose it doesn’t make much sense to have some nostalgia before the year even finishes, but at the same time, it is crazy! I’m so glad I got to have this year with all of you guys. It seems like it’s been so long since we were sitting in BSB D310 enriching our third soil sample, trying to figure out why in the world we couldn’t find any phages. But here we are!

On a more scientific note, I came across this article today that talks about how exactly alcohol/other drug stressors can distress a fetus. With a mouse model, they were actually able to isolate the specific gene that fetuses seem to use to protect themselves from these toxins. However, what seemed interesting to me is that the article held a focus to the offspring’s future intolerance of the toxic substance, like alcohol, which is something that I never knew about.