Amigo is annotated!

downloadAfter four straight lab periods of staring at “No known functions” and 1200 bp gaps with no coding potential, we are finally done! I don’t know about any of you guys but I know that I certainly did not expect there to be so many genes with no matches or known functions. It really helps show just how little is known about these little guys and how much new information can be derived from a single phage’s DNA. While it may have been frustrating for us to have so little definitive knowledge as to what the genes do, what we just did will help connect puzzle pieces so that in the future these gene’s functions can be determined and the database can be expanded. Yay us, go team!

1 thought on “Amigo is annotated!

  1. Saiaparna_Konde

    It’s crazy to think that we finished annotating Amigo in like 2 weeks! We got a lot of NKFs as well, and like you said, I think each one of us is contributing to piecing the puzzle together!


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