Feb 02 2014

Cracking Your Genetic Code

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Hey guys!

I know we have spent a lot of time in class discussing the mechanisms and techniques of biotechnology, but I wanted to show you this video that really shows the practical medical implications of this technology. “Cracking Your Genetic Code” is a NOVA special from PBS that talks about how different bioinformatics and genomic research is being used in medicine today to help diagnose and treat genetic disorders. There is also a lot of the bioethics conversation incorporated into the video, so you get to see how this new technology may alter society and other aspects of life. It also goes through the history of some of the technology. All in all, this special is really great and well made. I watched it in AP Biology last year, and it is what really got me interested in genomics. It’s available online for free, and it’s only about an hour long. If you want to supplement what we are learning in class, I would recommend this video. Here is the link:


Enjoy! I hope you guys like it as much as I do!

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