So today was the coolest day of lab by far. I filtered my lycate from my 10 plate and then did both steps of the microscopy! Its absolutely insane that I’ve been able to be a part of this as a freshman. As soon as I got to band I told several people (upperclassmen) about it and some of them didn’t even know that Baylor even had an electron microscope! And ironically enough, the day I was super excited about my fancy bio lab it was “nerd day” for the band. (The last rehearsal of the week is always a spirit day and people dress up according to the theme) So while others wore suspenders and thick glasses, I just showed up and got to act like it! Even though it was far from acting.

But now that I think about it, I was in a rush to get to band and forgot to write all this in the lab notebook… looks like i’ll be stopping by tomorrow to do that!


4 thoughts on “Finally!!!

  1. carterlantz

    It is so great that we get to work on this as Freshman! This has been a great lab and I was so excited to get to see my phage on Monday. Lab just keeps getting better and better!!!

  2. jadeconnor

    I completely know what you’re saying about seeing your phage for the first time! I was really excited to and I even sent a picture of it to my brother, who was indifferent to say the least. I had to explain to him all the work we had to do to finally get a less-than-excited reaction from him, but it honestly didn’t matter, I was just so happy to finally see my phage.

  3. katelynpruett

    I agree that this is such a great opportunity! I feel so blessed to have great professors that are willing to teach us so much about the process of research.

  4. Chloe' Sells

    It’s like being a proud parent when you get to see them on the electron microscope isn’t it? It is such a great feeling to actually be able to see the things that you had been working all semester for and not just the clear lysogenic spots that they leave behind on a plate. šŸ™‚


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