Ford Hash (2019)

Ford Hash

Career Goals

I want to be involved with programming video games in any capacity. Engine programming, gameplay programming, graphics programming, as long as it’s programming then I want to do it.


Chillenium 2016Participant

Created Pacemaker (se below) in less than 48 hours in a team with with Ben Hamilton and Ben Tandy.

Ranked Hoops – Co-Founder, Administator, and Applications Developer

Co-founded and administrate a large Rocket League community dedicated to playing the side game-mode “Hoops” competitively. For this community, I created a Discord bot and backend ranking system that integrates with our weekly tournaments on to rank participants based on their performances. It has always been our goal to convince Psyonix that Hoops deserves its own competitive game-mode, and we actually recently achieved this goal. Psyonix announced on August 9th, 2018 that they would be bringing ranked to all Sports Playlists (Rumble, Dropshot, Snow Day, and Hoops). This experience has taught me to never underestimate how much impact a community of players can have on the development and direction of a video game.

Games Created 

Archer for PC

This short game was the product of a 2 week class assignment to create a platformer in Gamemaker.

You play as the hero, Archer. Your goal is to get to the end and defeat the evil Beastmaster who has taken control of the kingdom.

Highlight Design Elements:

  • Dynamic viewport movement that shows more screen space in front of the character
  • Wide variety of enemy AI, including enemy archers that use your motion to calculate where they should shoot.

Pacemaker for PC, Android, & iOS

This game was created for Chillennium 2016. After we participated in the game jam, I thought it would be nice to polish up the game a little and release it on mobile devices.

Pacemaker is a unconventional hybrid rhythm/endless-runner game with only a single input. It’s pretty addicting.

Highlight Design Elements:

  • Smooth transition between menu and gameplay.
  • Overall sound design (seriously, wearing headphones when playing makes the game so much more immersive)
  • Shader-based dynamic vignette effect
  • Smooth graphics even at inconsistent frame rates

Favorite Games

Image result for rocket league logo

Rocket League – Psyonix

Image result for skyrim logo

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Bethesda Game Studios


Classes Taken

  1. CSI 1337
  2. CSI 4341
  3. CSI 4342