Time Invader

Team Members: Megan Adamik and Matthew Morris
Description: Time Invader is a game about a professional time traveler that has traveled to the Wild West to take down the evil Jeremiah Blue. During his travels through time, the time machine is destroyed and he must survive in the Wild West until first responders arrive to take him home.

Moving left/right: left/right arrow keys
Jump: space
Shoot: Left mouse button
Change Weapon: down arrow
Bailey button: R

Link to game:
Time Invader

Megan Adamik(2022)

Megan Adamik

I am a sophomore at Baylor University and I am a computer science major with a gaming concentration. I have grown up my whole life playing video games and I would like to expand my love for video games by understanding how they are made.

Career Goals

My career goal are to work on the type of games that I have grown up playing. Also I would like to create games with new ideas that get people who normally aren’t interested in video games to play them and enjoy them.

I have taken two intro courses learning c++.

Games Created

Time Invader

Favorite Games
Kingdom hearts, Uncharted, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros., and Life is Strange

Classes Taken
CSI 1337, CSI 1430, and CSI 1440

Game Pitch: