Remastered Edition:

DESCRIPTION: As a self-proclaimed “party animal”, a bunny girl nicknamed LUCKY FOOT finds herself at the hottest club in town, THE LEGOSHI CLUB, where she must reach her goal of the super exclusive VIP lounge through any means necessary. In this rhythm RPG, you take control of Lucky Foot as she gets into dance battles with enemies, drinks a reasonable amount of alcohol, and bribe whoever she can to make it through the different sections of the club by playing rhythm games and managing your money.


WASD to move

ENTER to get through cutscenes

SPACE to dance

R to Restart

At the beginning of the game, when it asks for A or D, A will give you a speed boost for the whole game, and D will give you more time on the dance challenges. If you want a regular version of the game, then just press enter on this screen.


BRIBE PRICES: Bears – $5 // Cats – $10 // Birds – $15

If you run into an enemy, you have the option to Dance, Heal, or Bribe. Dancing will put you in a rhythm game in which you have to hit SPACE when the bars hit each other in the circle. You can get a few in a row and get a combo, giving more damage and healing you at the same time, but you get damage when you press SPACE and it’s not to the rhythm. If you run out of heath, you are kicked out of the bar and have to restart. You have one heal per round, which will give you a random amount of healing from 1-10. You can decide to bribe an enemy so you don’t have to fight them, but it will cost more and more as the game goes on.

MADE BY: Matt Harrison




DESCRIPTION: In the post apocalypse, when society has collapsed and mutants have taken over, this plague doctor only wants some Whataburger. In this run and gun shooter where the kickback of your gun can fling you across levels, this seven level game will test your hand eye coordination.


A or <- … Move Left

D or -> … Move Right

Mouse Click… Shoot Gun (shoot at the ground to jump up)

ENTER… Start Game

MADE BY: Matt Harrison and Andrew Huisman