Dinner Party (2018)


In “Dinner Party” you play as an undercover agent who is tasked to uncover which of the party guests present are actually there to assassinate the guest of honor. Before he arrives you must talk to each of the guests, using the vague clues provided and deduction skills from conversations to correctly identify the assassin and save the guest of honor.

Creators: Brandon Alcaraz and Mack Carter

Controls: WASD for movement. E to talk. WASD to select dialogue options and ENTER to select. TAB to bring up accusation screen, ARROW KEYS to select on accusation screen.

Hubert’s Short Adventure


In this game you play as the intrepid Hubert, a blue blob on a quest to survive. In this game you must find ways to take out your enemies and survive using only your wits and bullets once you find them.

Creators: Josh Huertas, Mack Carter

Controls: WASD for movement, Spacebar to jump, Aim bullets with mouse and shoot with Left Mouse Button

Mack Carter (2019)

{Mack Carter}

Im Mack Carter, a senior Finance student at Baylor University. I love games as it was how I bonded with my brother growing up, lasting until today where we try to log online and play games whenever we are both able. Games have always been a hobby of mine and something I love to do with friends.

Career Goals

Work in the investment management field with hopes of being a portfolio manager.



 Video Game Pitch: Dreadnaught

Games Created


Favorite Games

Kingdom Hearts (series)

Zelda (series)

Super Smash bros (series)

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Galaxy (1&2)

Age of Empires 2

Mario Kart 8

Mario Party 2


Chrono Trigger

Mother 3

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3

Classes Taken

  1. CSI 1337