Super Pinto Revenge 64 (2018)

Created by JoJo Cordova and Andrew Ammentorp.

W to jump, A and D for movement. Use mouse to aim and fire.

The point of the game is to kill the Chili Pepper hordes and reach the final boss, Jalapeno Boi. The Pinto Man uses his mach speed magnum to get his revenge. When damaged, pick up the kidney beans on the map to heal and continue the fight.

Jojo Cordova (2022)


Hello, I’m Jojo Cordova and I am a student at Baylor, attending for computer science in the game design concentration. I’m from Odessa Texas and am currently a freshman.

Upon graduating I plan on finding a career in game development, hopefully with a company such as id Software.


I make a mean quesadilla.

Games Created

none lmao

Favorite Games

Some of my favorite games include Wolfenstein, DOOM (2016 and classic), Cave Story, Hollow Knight, and Tekken 7.

Classes Taken