Poverty and it's Relationship to Crime

"Fighting Poverty, One Person at a Time"

Reflection: 8/13/14


Describe the three most important things you learned today?

  • How to make an argument, how to be on a jury, what happens in court – Lauren
  • The court process, how poverty and crime are related, and how to be a jury – Jaret

How will learning about the trial process, jury process, and forming a good argument help you be a more active citizen?

It helps to know about the challenges they face – Hunter

It will bring those who should face justice – Nathan

Based on what you learned today, do you think that you can make a difference in your community? How?

Yes, by performing a valid argument – Jaret

I think I can make a difference in my community by being an active citizen – Abigail

What did you like most about today – besides lunch? Why was it your favorite activity?

  • Law school, it was fun to learn  – Wyatt
  • Going to the law school, to learn how to perform in court – Jaret
  • iCivics, its a video game – Nathan
  • iCivics, it taught me so much – Alisia

What is one thing you would like to know more about?

  • Mission Waco – Lauren
  • How to be a lawyer – Wyatt
  • I would like to know more about being a lawyer – Abigail

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