Policy Map trial

Right now, the Baylor Libraries have a trial for a resource called Policy Map.   Policy Map allows you to take data points and develop a map to represent where the data occur.  Data cover topics in economics, housing, health, income and spending, lending, education and demographics.  As a user, I can produce a map that shows a single data representation, so if I am looking at employment in a state, or a city or even a census tract, I can see a visual picture of my data.  I could even produce a map where I look at the occurrence of 3 related data points –  for instance, I could look at employment, all workers and educational attainment.  By using the 3-layer map option at the top of the screen, I can generate a map that demonstrates where these points occur.

Now, the bad news — we have this resource on trial right now.  The trial ends on Sunday, October 19, 2014, so we need to use it now and let others know about it.  If you use it, send me feedback on what you think about it.  You will find Policy Map listed under the Business section of the libraries’ databases.  Trials are listed on the right-hand side of the page.  This is a great resource that could be very helpful.

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