J.P. Morgan Research is here

Looking for high quality information on a company?  Look no further than J.P. Morgan Research from ProQuest.  J.P. Morgan Research is a major source of highly regarded financial information.  It contains in-depth reports for 3,400 companies analyzed by 800 expert research analysts worldwide, covering all industries and all regions with just a 7 day embargo.   This is information that was previously unavailable to us and was frequently requested by business students.  Since the database contains historical information, researchers can look at a total picture of a company’s or industry’s performance.

If you have used ABI/Inform before, then J.P. Morgan Research should be very familiar to you with the same search boxes, etc.  In fact, you can actually search ABI/Inform and J.P. Morgan Research at the same time.  Open up ABI/Inform and look at the top of the page for the “Business databases” link.  When you click on this link, then on the blue bar directly above this, you will see that you are now searching 8 databases.  To see these databases, click on the link.  A box will open where you can see the databases and make selections.  You should see J.P. Morgan Research as one of your selections.  At this time you can select or deselect any of the databases on the list.   Click on the “Use selected databases”, then begin your search.  Should you wish to see which of your results came from a particular database, look for the Database limiter on the right-hand side of your results page.

Please give J.P. Morgan Research a try when you next research a company or industry.

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