Book Jacket, "My First 85 Years"
Book Jacket, “My First 85 Years”

“My first 85 years,” is not a phrase one hears too often, if ever at all.  But not here at the Library, in fact, it is the title of Bob Poage’s memoir.   Of those many years, Poage dedicated his life to public service as a United States congressman and had a front row seat to many momentous occasions in modern political history.  After nearly half a century in Congress, Poage put pen to paper and recorded his memoirs, in My First 85 Years.

From the Forward of My First 85 Years, Poage, writes:

I would like to think that the following pages were written in response to irresistible public demand for my memoirs. In the six years since I retired from Congress, I am sure that I had at least three – maybe half a dozen friends suggest that I should undertake such a story. Nor do I look on my life as so unique or outstanding as to justify such a recital.

In recalling his life story, Poage humbly describes his life as typical.  In reality, it was so much more.  His achievements on the national stage were rooted in his rural, agricultural Texan upbringing.  Poage’s first 85 years compliment his collection of political papers well.  Both are available at the library, we invite you to take a look!

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