Poage Library’s Blog is Moving!

More than a decade ago – in May 2013, to be exact – Poage Library started this blog with the goal of connecting our collections and programs to a broader audience. Now, after hundreds of posts on dozens of topics, we are announcing a major change to our blogging platform.

Starting September 21, we will begin posting our stories on Promoting Discovery, the official blog of the Baylor Libraries. We will continue to post monthly updates on our researchable collections, new scholarship, and programming and outreach opportunities.

While you are visiting Promoting Discovery, we encourage you to read up on the stories posted by our colleagues at The Texas Collection, the Armstrong Browning Library & Museum, and the Arts & Special Collections Research Center. It’s a great way to see unique stories of how the Baylor Libraries are supporting researchers around the world.

Thank you for the years of support here on our blog, and we look forward to seeing you in our new home on Promoting Discovery starting September 21.

With appreciation, The Team at the W. R. Poage Legislative Library

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