Happy Birthday!

Today we celebrate Bob Bullock’s birthday!  The late Lt. Governor would have been 84 today.  He was born on July 10, 1929, in Hillsboro, Texas at 4:10am and named Robert “Bobby” Douglas Bullock.  These details come from one of my favorite items in the Bullock Archive, Gov. Bullock’s baby book.  His mother, Ruth Mitchell Bullock, carefully and lovingly collected cards, letters, and news clippings for her new son, Bobby. 

At 6 months, Mrs. Bullock described her son’s personality:

“Bobby had quite a habit of coughing and blowing bubbles to attract attention and create a laugh.  He could sit alone but usually preferred to sit with someone instead.  In other words, he wanted company and lots of attention at all times.” 

These sweet recordings of milestones are a simple reminder of our shared start in life.

From Texas Secretary of State, to Comptroller, to Lt. Governor, Bullock oversaw election reform, transformed taxpayer services, and beginning in 1994, Bullock presided over a Senate more evenly balanced between Democrats and Republicans than any Lieutenant Governor since Reconstruction.  Today Bob Bullock is remembered for his tenacity and his impact as a public servant on our great state is indeed, Texas-sized. 

This afternoon, we will gather at the State Cemetery in Austin to celebrate the life and legacy of Bob Bullock. 

Happy birthday, Governor and God Bless Texas!


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