Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Principles and Particles

This is a two semester, 550 page introductory text, plus a 10 page index. It includes material which overlaps with particle physics, including a number of interesting models as well as material on identical particles. I use a bra-ket notation which I learned from Schwinger, which is much simpler and easier to understand than the standard bra-ket notation. Included are about 160 end of the chapter problems. The ideas of quantum mechanics are introduced via “Process DiagramsĀ,” which are filter/transition devices which help students visualize the states involved and to make transparent the means of computing the amplitudes for certain quantum mechanical processes. Obviously, there are quite a number of diagrams and figures included to do this and illustrate other topics, and these need some attention. Entire text is presently online; the Word version, as usual, has conversion problems from Mac version 5.1 to native system X. The text now contains a chapter connecting to the Standard Model of particle physics.

I am pleased to announce that a greatly updated and expanded version of this text has now been published by Taylor and Francis. Please note that the older versions posted here (copyrighted by Wilcox) will always be available and will not be removed from the server. However, they will remain static. An enhanced buy-back plan has been negotiated with the publisher, and texts will be offered at a substantial discount to students or programs which can not afford to buy or require this text. Note that a list of typos in the book is being compiled and a partial list is givenĀ here.

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