An amazing number of people have helped me turn these ragged notes into readable texts over the years. I hesitate to begin to mention them for fear that I will leave someone out, which, given my memory, is pretty likely. Most of the typing with Microsoft Word was done by work-study students in the Baylor Physics Department. Some of them are Christy Alsworth, Ted Cook, Melissa Waden, Juan Cantu, Chris Bryson and Suni Kwak. Pat Ling helped tremendously over the years supervising these students. I have also had help on this website from Glenda McClellan, John Ramey, and Richard Obousy. The latest to pitch in are V.H. Satheeshkumar, Jared Greenwald (TeX solutions manual for Quantum Principles and Particles=QPP) and Angela Douglass (new QPP Ch.10) The Baylor SPS has also helped with establishing the Baylor Book Award ( Many thanks to all of you!