Child and Family Studies Major

Students who are fascinated with human development and family relationships might find a home in the Child and Family Studies major.  The program offers students opportunities to gain insight into healthy development and what factors can impede healthy development.  What happens to us in childhood can have lasting effects on how we handle relationships and life situations as adults.  By learning about these processes, Child and Family Studies majors can learn about ways to have a positive impact on others.

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences keeps track of the types of positions that students accept after graduation, as well as where they are employed.  This includes information for Child and Family Studies majors.  Click here for more career opportunities.

Reading course descriptions might help you to evaluate if this is a major you would enjoy.  If you like working with children, you will probably be excited to hear that some of the classes involve observation at a child development center.  If you like learning about people and working with people, this just might be the major for you!

Click here for our Child and Family Studies podcast.

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