New Year, New Major?

The new year can signal a fresh start, and for some students that means a change in major.  Wherever you are in your career decision-making, the Office of Career and Professional Development has you covered.  Are you…

…considering a last-minute major change in the first week of classes?

Make an appointment with a career counselor.

…wanting to know how to make the most of your major (new or old)?

Learn how to answer the “What can you do with that major?” question with our online resources.

…looking for a strategy for your summer job or internship search?

Schedule a career coaching appointment.

We look forward to assisting you in identifying and reaching your goals!

36 thoughts on “New Year, New Major?”

  1. Happy New Year to all the graduates out there! This is the year to take my class and get ahead in your career! We wish all of the graduating students the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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  11. The Office of Career and Professional Development is here to support students with their career decisions. Whether you’re considering a major change, want to maximize your current major, or need help with job/internship search, we have resources and appointments available. Let us help you identify and achieve your goals!

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