Recreation and Leisure Services Major

Coming back to campus after a holiday break can be a challenge.  You are probably already dreaming about your next opportunity to be free from homework so you can focus on fun!  What if you could get paid to have fun and help others to have fun, too?  Students who major in Recreation and Leisure Services are preparing to do that.

In addition to helping people enjoy themselves through recreation activities, Recreation and Leisure Services majors learn about the educational components of recreation, as well as the contribution of recreation and leisure activities to an overall healthy lifestyle.  Students choose one of two tracks:  Church Recreation or Outdoor Recreation.

Examples of classes in the Recreation and Leisure Services major:

  • First Aid
  • Camp Counseling & Administration
  • Outdoor Adventure Activities
  • Leisure Services for Persons with Disabilities
  • Adventure Recreation Leadership
  • Principles of Church Recreation

Students with an interest in this major can click here to learn more.

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