Baylor in New York

Students who dream of the bright lights of New York City might be excited to learn more about the Baylor in New York program.  It offers students the chance to live, work, and study in the Big Apple for a full semester.  The program provides coursework and an internship experience related to the field of communication.  However, the program is open to all majors.

Allyson Riley, a Baylor alumna and previous participant in the Baylor in New York program, served as an intern at the Rachael Ray Show.  When asked about her responsibilities at her internship, she said the tasks varied daily, but included the following:

-Helping with set-up and tear down of the set

-Acting as stand-in’s during rehearsals

-Running the craft services table for crew and guests

-Setting up and tearing down dressing rooms for show guests

-Running errands for production teams

-Working with the guests between when they arrive at the studio and when they appeared on the show

-Going on field shoots with field production

-Running errands for other departments such as wardrobe, art, kitchen, or post production (or personally for Rachael too)

-Coffee runs for Rachael

-Daily runs to CBS to drop of the show tapes

-Almost daily runs to Kingworld to pick up and drop of things

-Helped with preparation for show segments with the production teams

-Secretarial duties for the executive producers

Ms Riley spoke very fondly of her experience in New York:

My New York experience was better than I could’ve imagined! We got to live in a completely new and different place from Texas and were forced to step outside our comfort zones which really made the whole experience. It was a great chance to explore New York and learn the whole city, not just the tourist spots you would hit on a typical vacation. We got to learn first hand how the world works up in New York! It’s very energetic and exciting so there is always something fun going on. There were 18 students from Baylor all living on the same hall of the dorm together. We all meshed really well and formed immediate friendships with each other that are still some of the closest friendships in my life. I was surprised at how comfortable I got with navigating the city.  It all came very easily to us and we adapted to the differences of New York vs. Texas very quickly. I completely fell in love with the city!”

Is your interest piqued?  Click here to learn more about Baylor in New York.

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