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Apprenticeships: They’re Kind of a Big Deal

As I’m sure you’ve realized by now, graduate apprenticeships are an integral part of the Baylor HESA program. Apprenticeships provide HESA students with the opportunity to apply theory to practice, grow professionally, and form stronger connections within the Baylor community. However, as evidenced by Kaitlyn and RaeLynn’s posts, no two apprenticeships are exactly alike. Accordingly,…

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How Can I Help You Today?: My Apprenticeship in Baylor Campus Visits

“Welcome to Baylor Campus Visits, my name is RaeLynn. How can I help you today?” This is my tagline at work. From the moment you enter my office, to the moment you leave it, you are the center of attention. My job is to make sure that any question you have about Baylor is answered…

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Baylor HESA! We hope that you were able to submit all of your application materials for the program. Interview Placement is scheduled for February 14-15 and will be here before you know it. Until then, please continue to check back each week for a new blog post.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Baylor HESA! We hope that you are able to gather with loved ones during this holiday season. Also, the official application deadline is almost here (January 1st). Don’t forget to apply!

Interview weekend: What we wish we would have known

Welcome, prospective BU HESA student!  By now you’ve hopefully finished all of your application materials and submitted them, but if you have not, it’s not too late.  I didn’t take the GRE until Dec. 27th! For this blog post, I wanted to take a look into the future of your application process.  I don’t think…

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My Apprenticeship with Graduate Student Life

Early on during my time at Baylor, I was introduced to Nevitt Sanford’s (1966) theory of challenge and support as it relates to undergraduate students. A simplistic description of this theory is as follows: in order to develop, a student must experience a proper balance of both challenge and support. If students are too challenged,…

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It’s That Time of Year

It’s Finals season here at Baylor and thus Baylor HESA members are hard at work completing final exams/papers/presentations/you get the idea. However, there is life after Finals, so please check back next week for a new post. Also, the preferred application deadline has passed and we hope that you were able to submit you application materials. If…

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Baylor HESA: A Top 5 List

When I was initially asked to write a blog post, I thought: “What a wonderful opportunity to tell everyone about how the HESA program has challenged and shaped me as a person and professional!” However, my colleagues and friends have done a wonderful job painting a picture of how two years at Baylor is a…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Baylor HESA community! I hope this week affords everyone time to relax and reflect during what is often a busy time of the year. Also, the preferred application deadline for the Baylor HESA program is fast approaching (December 1st). Don’t forget to apply!

Three Months of Graduate School: A Reflection

It is hard for me to wrap my thoughts around the sweeping changes and development I have experienced over the last three months in graduate school. Upon reflection of my life, I do not believe there is another stint of time that can be associated with so much positive and challenging change. As a member…

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