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A True Believer’s Supernatural Response To Racism by Baffour Paapa Nkrumah Ababio

A TRUE BELIEVER’S SUPERNATURAL RESPONSE TO RACISM: VIEWS FROM A BLACK IMMIGRANT You have heard that it was said, You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in…

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A Prayer of Unity by Baffour Paapa Nkrumah Ababio & Andy Taylor

Abba Father, King Jesus, We come before You in humility and brokenness, acknowledging our desperate need for You in these times. We don’t have the answers, but may these words a be a gentle reproach, to spark flames of compassion in hearts of stone. Yet may they also bring a heavenly peace to calm the…

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HESA in the Time of Corona by Jessica James

A month ago I was sitting in class with my cohort eagerly anticipating Spring Break. I needed rest and wanted to see my family. I figured that after a week apart I would be ready to come back and finish off the semester well. I had a meeting with some of my students where we…

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Cohort to Community by Madelynn Lee

The cohort model definitely makes the stress and chaos of graduate school life BEARable. Sorry for my Baylor-themed pun—but now that I have your attention, let me explain what I mean. One of my favorite aspects of Baylor’s higher education and student affairs program is the cohort model. I find that a little ironic, as…

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When You’re a Wizard: The Mysterious Magic of Being a Student Affairs Professional by Sam Cox

Growing up, I was enthralled by the magical worlds and captivating narratives of fantasy fiction. I read the Lord of the Rings when I was seven and have continued to read fantasy fiction up through—well, if I’m being honest, I finished my most recent fantasy novel, a 1,200-page monstrosity, over this past summer. I unabashedly…

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Making a Home by Daniel Adams

My name is Daniel Adams, I am a master’s student in Baylor’s Higher Education & Student Affairs program. I graduated from Baylor with my undergraduate degree in 2017 and jumped right into this program which means I’ve been in Waco since 2013. I’ve been reflecting on what it means to have a home recently and…

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What It’s Like to Work Late Nights by Alex Jantz

Getting into Baylor’s HESA program was one of the most exciting things to ever happen for me. I was going to get to go to my dream school for two more years and on top of that I landed my first-choice apprenticeship which meant that I would get to co-advise a student organization on campus…

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Multicultural Affairs: A Place for Everyone by Megan Glover and Rachel Ticknor

Both Rachel and Megan can recall when they excitedly told their friends and family that they had been accepted into the Baylor HESA program and had been placed with Multicultural Affairs for their apprenticeships. More often than not, those friends and family members responded with “Why?” or “But you’re not multicultural.” At the time, comments…

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How Grad School is Like Advent by Lauren Christian

Advent is upon us with Christmas soon to follow, and as I fa-la-la-la-fall into finals, I grow ever more contemplative about the closing of another calendar year and the closing of my time in grad school. In all this contemplation, I’ve realized that Grad School is a lot like Advent—you know, if you tilt your…

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Remembering to Give Thanks by Natalie McIntyre

As Thanksgiving approaches as well as a much-needed break before the whirlwind of finals begins, I’m once again reminded to reflect, regain a bit of perspective, and be thankful. My first semester of grad school has proved to be everything everyone said it would be and much more. My courses have been way more fascinating…

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