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Where are the now: Catching up with our 2015 cohort Part 2

The responses below are the second installment of a two-part series highlighting the 2015 Baylor HESA Graduates. We asked each of the recent graduates to share with us (1) a description of what they are up to now, and (2) how they feel HESA prepared them for their current roles. Their insights and information were…

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Where are they Now: Catching up with our 2015 Cohort Part 1

We have come to the end of the semester, and our second-year cohort members are well on their way in the job search: applying, interviewing, and preparing for the next step after graduation. As we are excited for this year’s graduating cohort and all that is before them, we thought we might send some encouragement…

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Choosing a Graduate Program

Written by Sarah Madsen, 1st Year HESA Student  Choosing a Graduate Program  At this point in your student affairs journey, you’ve accomplished so much, from researching graduate programs and sending in applications to visiting campuses and interviewing for apprenticeships. This process is time-consuming and intense, but completely worth it in the end when you enroll…

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Tips for Interview Placement 2016

Hello all! We are now only two short weeks away from Interview Placement 2016. Interview Placement is an exciting time where you will learn more about Baylor, the HESA program, and life in Waco. We want you to have a great experience during your visit, so here are a few tips about Interview Placement from current…

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Finding Happiness in HESA

Written by Zandra Cook, 2nd Year HESA Student Finding Happiness in HESA It was a hard decision for me personally to return to school after working in the “real world” for three years. I decided to pursue my master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs though because I fell in love with working with…

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Apprenticeship Highlight: Katy Flinn, Program Coordinator for Baylor & Beyond LLC

Written by Katy Flinn, HESA 2nd-year student My undergraduate institution did not have living-learning centers (LLCs), but I was familiar with the idea. Simply put, a living-learning center is a place where students with a common interest live together. This can be anything from engineering to honors to outdoor adventure, and the intention is for…

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When Grad School Feels Like a Fire Hydrant

Written by Amiee Brassart For obvious reasons, my life changed in August of 2014 when I began my HESA journey. Being the undergrad girl that never pulled all-nighters, the girl who would always enthusiastically start a planner but neglected it towards the end of the semester, and the girl who believed in the 25-minute “study…

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The Idea of Work-Life Balance and Why We Need to Let Go of It

Written by Jessica Roshak As a graduate student working in the Student Activities (SA) Office, we talk a lot about work-life balance. This is a topic of great importance in the field of higher education and student affairs (HESA), especially as many of us are very passionate about our work, reaching above and beyond our job…

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Careers in Student Affairs Month: “Student Affairs Is….”

Written by Yolande Graham Student Affairs: the most exciting yet ambiguous term to any undergraduate who has just made the decision to pursue a career in it. Once your mind is set on getting a master’s degree in student affairs, one of the most common questions you will hear is, “What will you do with that?” To…

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A Taste of Waco

Over the last year I’ve been really lucky to have so many friends and family come visit me in Waco. With every visitor, I’ve tried to put together a rough itinerary of places to go and places to eat. Here are some of the places that have made it on nearly every list. Enjoy! Vitek’s…

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