Final Project: Speaking with the Past

Final Project

Letter to Supreme Court Justice Holmes about his statement “three generations of imbeciles are enough”

Imagine that you lived in the mid-1920s just after the Buck v. Bell Supreme Court Case. You have just read a newspaper article about the Supreme Court’s decision. Write a letter to Supreme Court Justice Holmes about his statement “three generations of imbeciles are enough.” Clearly demonstrate your approval or disapproval with this statement and the science of eugenics as a whole. Use the sources that we have discussed over the course of this unit to support your argument. You MUST reference at least three of the sources we have read: 

“Horrible Examples Parade to Further Fight for Eugenics and Birth Control”(click 1, 2)

“First Sterilization Brought Tragedy” (click 12)

Eugenics Tree Logo (click here)

Buck v. Bell Supreme Court Decision (click 1, 2, 3)

Sterilization Time Table (click here)

The Lynchburg Story (click here)


1 to 2 pages in length

First Person Point of View

References three sources

Clearly states your argument/opinion about Eugenics

Addresses Justice Holmes’ quote

Evidence supports your argument


Propaganda Poster about the Eugenics Movement

Imagine that you live during the heyday of the Eugenics Movement in America. You know of many people who are still undecided on these issues so you decide to create a poster to convince people to either convince people to join the movement or to abandon and fight against it. Using at least three of the sources  that we have discussed in this unit, create a propaganda poster to convince your class and teacher to agree with your opinion about the Eugenics Movement.

Use the resources above.


Must be completed on a poster

In Color

References at least three resources

Clearly states your stance on the Eugenics Movement