Life after BIC — Daniel Marchini

Reflection by Daniel Marchini (’12) — submitted summer 2013

It’s been 13 months since I graduated from Baylor. In that time I have traveled to twelve countries, spent over 1700 hours in service to America, and have had my world views, my thoughts and opinions, challenged on the daily. The world has something to teach each of us every day but most people aren’t open or aware of this. Luckily, while at Baylor, I had the amazing opportunity to be a BIC student. Nothing could have prepared me for facing the world better than this program. I remember times where I didn’t feel this way about the program. I loathed it. New York Times assignments, yuck! A whole semester on LABOR UNIONS! Give me a break. But now as I look back I wouldn’t trade those struggles or any of my BIC experience for anything. The BIC professors had a way of challenging my perception of most things and continue to even as I am over a year removed. As I read a short biography of Benjamin Franklin with the fourth grade students I worked with as a City Year Corps Member this year, I had the analysis of Dr. Long in my head.  As news of struggle and revolution continues to come out of the Middle East, I can’t help but remember the experiences Dr. Tatum shared in World Cultures V. As I continue through the stresses of life, I can’t be more grateful for having taken Dr. Schultz’s capstone class. I find myself constantly utilizing the practice and culture of yoga that she so graciously taught us. These interdisciplinary experiences have paid dividends. This fall I will begin working as a consulting analyst for the world’s largest financial services firm–a job, on paper and without a business background, I shouldn’t qualify for. But with an open mind and a willingness to let each day and each experience teach us, anything is possible.

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