Fall 2023 Graduates – Future Plans

BIC 2023 Spirit Award Winners – Chase Robinson and Rachel Lathrop

The following students plan to pursue a career in the medical field:

Anuoluwapo Agbi – Baylor College of Medicine

Amanda Bernardi – an optometrist

Brody Elliot – Baylor MBA Heathcare Administration

Isabella Feinauer – a medical assistant then medical school

Sudili Fernando – PhD Cancer biology at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Josefine Green – nursing school

Julia Landivar Donato – master’s in public health at Vanderbilt University

Soowon Lee – master’s in public health at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Susan Lee – grad school for bioethics

Chase Robinson – Baylor College of Medicine

Manaal Salman – Med school in Texas

Anna Shepard – Healthcare administration and healthcare policy

Arshjeet Singh – Working as an EMT for a year before med school

Julia Stephen – med school

Kristin Valerio – Lab researching psychologist in the mental health field

Jaime Atadero – Master’s in epidemiology

Noel Kaleo Acfalle – Work in ER before med school

Miranda Martinez – Texas med school

Stephanie Nguyen – work as an EMT in ER before applying to med school

The following students plan to further their education in law school:

Samuel Beatty

Victoria Beede – Public interest law

The following students plan to pursue a postgraduate degree:

Caroline Barnett – M.A., Violence, Terrorism, and Security, Queen’s University Belfast (in progress), The Hillary Rodham Clinton Award for Peace and Reconciliation Fulbright Study/Research Award

Heaven Baylor – Social work at University of Houston

Elizabeth Herndon – Master’s at Georgetown

Josianne Pooler – Master’s of Social Work

Rachel Rice – Master’s in Higher Education Administration at Texas A&M University

Makayla Reese – University of Edinburgh

Carl Schubert – Either attend seminary or pursue a medieval studies degree

Elizabeth Blanchard – Master’s degree in Archaeology and Business Administration

The following students plan to join the United States Armed Military:

Camille Casillas – Second Lieutenant U.S. Army Active-Duty Air Defense Artillery Officer

Reynaldo De Avila – Communications Officer in U.S. Marine Corps

John McCreery – an Infantry officer

The following students plan pursue a career in/ aspire to be a(n):

Charles Featherston – the film industry

Katherine Henric – Entrepreneur and Business owner

Meridith Hooten – Travel writer

Rachel Lathrop – Working for a non-profit organization

Kent Mattern – Project manager at Epic Systems

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