2013 BIC Alumni Homecoming Lecture

Written by Daniel Chao, BIC student

For this year’s BIC Homecoming Lecture, Dr. Dharmpal Vansadia, a BIC alumni and 4th year orthopedic surgery resident in Dayton, Ohio, came to talk to BIC students about the importance of a college degree, especially one from Baylor, as well as the importance of a BIC education. He talked to us about his BIC experience, his life after getting an undergraduate degree, and what he hopes to accomplish in the future. Dr. Vansadia also explained the “island mentality,” and how crucial it is to give back to the community once we achieve the island status.

During the first half of his speech, Dr. Vansadia spoke about how a good education is the key to success. Through education, one can get onto the island of privilege. Education combined with hard work and determination allows one to then reach the island of wealth and prosperity. Dr. Vansadia touched on the ways in which a higher education improves one’s lifestyle and is connected to higher earning across all fields.

In the second half of his speech, Dr. Vansadia mentioned the importance of giving back to the community. He gave an account of a patient he treated and states that even though this patient has nothing in common with him socially, financially, or even intellectually, she still has a heartbeat. She is human just as much as he is. Dr. Vansadia discussed how people on the island easily forget the people who helped them achieve success. He emphasized how imperative it is that we share our lives with others after we have made it. He concludes his speech by saying our lives are not worth living if we do not help others and share what we have with the community in order to better society as a whole.

I believe what Dr. Vansadia said is very true, that education is the key factor in determining financial stability and success later in life. I have a dream that someday I will be able to support myself as well as my family. I hope to live on the island Dr. Vansadia referred to. I agree with Dr. Vansadia’s view that hard work is paramount to success, and I know from experience that hard work does pay off in the end, that education and persistence do improve one’s lifestyle. I like his view on how the unshared life is not worth living because I believe in the importance of not only repaying those who have helped us, but also in the importance of giving back to the community that helped us succeed.

Dr. Vansadia’s speech really connected with my views, especially with my belief that all humans are important and that every life has a meaning. His philosophy on giving back to the community is empowering and motivating because every single person, no matter who he or she is, has something to contribute to society. Being a student in the Pre-Med track, I look up to Dr. Vansadia as a role model. Dr. Vansadia has made it onto the island and now has the ability and influence to not just help others, but also to inspire young people like myself to do the same.

Daniel Chao ‘17

If you would like to nominate someone to be a speaker for a future BIC Alumni Homecoming Lecture, please email Adam Moore, BIC Coordinator.

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