Participant Accounts

1. What type of source is this?

2. Who is speaking in this source?

3. How would you describe the speaker’s tone in this video?

4. What do you think the speaker’s tone says about his confidence in his administration?

5. What is the speaker talking about in this video?

Letter from President Kennedy to Chairman Khrushchev

  1. What do you notice about the date when the letter was written and when the invasion occurred?
  2. What type of source is this?
  3. What does Kennedy say about United States military intervention in Cuba?
  4. How do you think Chairman Khrushchev (a Soviet military leader) responded to this letter?
  5. Why is Kennedy writing this letter?

Evaluation of the CIA Plan to invade Cuba

1. What type of document is this?

2. What agency wrote this document?

3. What is the document saying?

4. What does the main idea of this document say about American involvement in Cuba?

5. Are the logistics of this document well thought out and executed (Yes, or no)? Why?