Performance Assessment

After going through our page we want to know what you think about the Bay of Pigs. Was it  worth going into Cuba and possibly ruining our relationship? You will demonstrate your knowledge of the Bay of Pigs invasion and tell us whether or not you agree with the Kennedy administration on this invasion. Pick one of the following products to turn in.

1. Graphic Novel

You may choose to create a graphic novel to demonstrate your point of view on the Bay of Pigs. This graphic novel should include facts about the invasion, and primary sources surrounding the invasion to back up your argument. The graphic novel should be created with supporting and engaging pictures that draw the reader into the story.

2. Essay

You may choose to write a 2-3 page essay over the Bay of Pigs invasion, while providing your viewpoint on whether or not the U.S was justified in intervention. This essay should be well written, and provide multiple primary sources to back up your opinion. The essay will be graded on your ability to support yourself with background knowledge of the invasion, as well by giving convincing evidence from sources.

3. Children’s Book

Another choice you have is to create a children’s book about the Bay of Pigs that gives the reader your opinion on the invasion in simple terms. In this product you will be asked to provide information on what the bay of pigs was using illustrations to engage the reader. You will then provide your opinion about the U.S involvement in Cuba using support from sources. This children’s book must include information on battle, and your opinion, while engaging the reader and providing supporting evidence.