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A Q&A with GBA President Arjun Azavedo

Arjun Azavedo is a graduate student from Pune, India. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and has experience in consulting, food and hospitality, and the software industry. While in the software industry, Arjun focused on the automation of delivery processes of HCM software. Arjun is pursuing an MBA with a dual MIS focus and plans to pursue a career in sales or marketing with an emphasis on AI and machine learning. Arjun has served in multiple roles within the Baylor GBA and now serves as the chapter’s president.


Baylor MBA (MBA): What is the GBA?

Arjun (AA): The GBA is a student-run organization with members from the graduate business program. The aim of this body is to improve the experiences of current and future students by:

  • Assisting in orientation activities
  • Organizing community service events
  • Sponsoring social events
  • Supporting student projects & initiatives
  • Focusing on alumni networking

MBA: What are a few things that the GBA does during the year?

AA: The GBA hosts a range of social and community service events each semester. Some of the common events include alumni mixers, tailgate tents, family days, and holiday celebrations.

The GBA aims to have students unwind from their daily classes and build a community spirit by engaging in extracurricular activities. We also help students get involved with various service events and Baylor-wide engagements like homecoming.

In addition, we seek to better the students’ lives while at the business school by organizing snacks and beverages in the grad lounge and occasional special events between classes.

A few GBA members with their float for Baylor’s 2019 Homecoming Parade

MBA: How does GBA benefit graduate business students?

AA: The GBA works toward the betterment of the student experience at the business school outside of the classroom. Our aim is to foster a community spirit that facilitates interaction and networking between cores and between grad programs within the business school. We also hope to encourage school spirit by having a place for students of the various business programs to meet and interact at Baylor events like the football games. We hope this will develop long-lasting alumni connections between past, current, and future students and maintain a relationship with the business school post-graduation.

MBA: What are some leadership/resume-building opportunities GBA provides?

AA: Holding a position in the GBA is a great way to add value to a resume. It shows employers that you aim to build a well-rounded profile focusing on extracurricular opportunities as well as academics, and that you can be responsible for running projects of your own. It is also a brilliant experience leading and organizing events that you know your colleagues will appreciate.

As last semester’s VP, I worked with finances and budgets, which helped develop habits of budgeting in my personal life as well.

“It is a brilliant experience leading and organizing events that you know your colleagues will appreciate.”

MBA: Who are the current GBA officers and what are their roles?

AA: The current officers are:

  • President (Arjun Azavedo) – Coordinates and presides over meetings and events, liaison with alumni and GSA representative.
  • Vice President (Konner Moisson) – Aid to the president at events and meetings, coordination of project timelines and finances, event proposal and budget creating.
  • Communications Director (Ali Dixon) – Records discussion and meeting minutes, manages GBA social media pages, creates literature and media campaigns for each event.
  • Social/Events Chair (Sabrina Danscuk) – Organization and execution of events, vendor and food and beverage management.
  • Community Service Chair (Lauren Sutton) – Organization of service and community outreach programs, Coordination with local social groups to increase involvement with Baylor Business students.

Each graduate program has its own representative who ensures that the interests of their specific graduate degree program are represented within the GBA. They are:

  • Economics – Sarah Bainn,
  • Accounting – Becca Mowery,
  • MSIS – Rui Zhu,
  • General MBA – Cade Guillot,
  • and MBA Healthcare – Alexia Pahl.

In her own words: Konner Moisson briefly describes Baylor’s GBA.

MBA: What events has GBA planned for the 2019-2020 academic year?

AA: In the first week of August, the Fall 2019 GBA team had the opportunity to go on a weekend retreat to meet before the start of the new semester and create a plan for the coming months. We planned a range of fun events which everyone was thrilled to be a part of. Our first event occurred in the first week of the semester at Cameron Park. There was food, music, and a cornhole tournament. In the next few months, we hosted several fun Family Day events and a number of other service and social meets. Finally, we closed the semester with a big event celebrating the graduating class and the upcoming holiday season. For Spring 2020, we have a crawfish boil planned as well as another Family Day planned for members, faculty, and staff to all come together with our families to enjoy time at the Baylor marina. We’ll have a couple additional event before closing out the school year with a year-end event similar to what we had back in December.

GBA members at the 2019 Christmas Party

MBA: What has been your personal favorite GBA event?

AA: I thoroughly enjoyed the event last semester at the marina. It was an occasion for not just students and faculty, but also their families to be part of the afternoon. As someone who has been away from family for a while, it was amazing to see all these spouses, parents and kids be a part of what we do at Baylor. I’m looking forward to doing that again this semester.

The second occasion that stands out in the past year was the awards dinner at the end of the Spring 2019 semester. This was a wonderful gathering of friends and family to celebrate the graduating students and those we wouldn’t see for months at internships or residencies. It was an evening appreciating both students and faculty and the food was to die for. This was probably one of the grandest gatherings that GBA has been able to put together.

MBA: What other information do you think would be relevant to a prospective student who’s considering the Baylor MBA program?

AA: For anyone considering a program here at Baylor, I think it is important to know that the environment Baylor creates in the classroom and outside is like no other. A mix of small class sizes, personal attention from faculty and staff, and a Christian outlook fosters an almost family-like atmosphere between students and the faculty- something you don’t see in many programs.

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