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Launching Into My Dream Career — by Andrew Donsbach

“You’ll need at least two years of experience to get into a reputable program.”

“You’ll benefit more from an MBA if you have work experience.”

And of course, “Aren’t you ready to start making money?”

These were all things that I was asked on a regular basis when I decided to jump straight from my undergraduate business program at Eastern Illinois University into a Baylor MBA. Despite the questions from those around me, I felt that pursuing my MBA early on was the right choice for me.

Throughout undergrad – and especially senior year – the million-dollar question was what my plan was for after graduation. It was a pretty easy answer for me: get my MBA, pursue my PhD, and become a university professor. For me, the MBA was originally a stepping stone to a larger dream. Within that dream, however, I knew that an MBA would set me up for success regardless of the path I chose. I felt I had more to learn after graduating, so choosing to endure two more years of school seemed like a win-win. Turns out, during my MBA, I developed a greater passion for industry and the professor dream was put on hold (for now) – but who knows what the future will hold!

As I researched MBA programs, I knew I wanted three things:

  1. I wanted a school that was big enough to matter, but small enough to care;
  2. I wanted a university with good athletic programs;
  3. I wanted to move out of the Midwest, where I had spent the first 22 years of my life.
Andrew and fellow Baylor MBA students at the New York Stock Exchange.

Baylor turned out to be the perfect fit! I visited several schools, met with lots of admissions staff and walked many campuses. As cheesy as it sounds, nothing felt like home quite like Baylor did. Every single person I interacted with had a joy and a passion for what they did. They all loved Baylor. They wanted to see me succeed. But most importantly – they cared about me as a person. The culture of Baylor, the reputation of their academic programs, and the school’s extensive business network ultimately had me saying, “Sic ‘Em!”

Graduation Day!

I didn’t know that when I stepped onto Baylor’s campus I would be getting a lot of leadership development beyond the classroom, opportunities to network with some of the biggest companies in the country, and some of my very best friends (three of whom were recently in my wedding).

The culture of Baylor, the reputation of their academic programs, and the school’s extensive business network ultimately had me saying, “Sic ‘Em!”

The experiences I had during my time at Baylor far exceeded my expectations. I grew more, as both a professional and a person, in my two years at Baylor than I did in my first twenty-two years of life. I became a true professional surrounded by people who knew how to do it best. And I was able to land a job in Product Management with a Fortune 100 company, USAA – which has given me many opportunities to tap into the knowledge I gained from my Baylor MBA.

Click here to read more about Baylor’s early career MBA options to determine if now is the right time for your MBA. 

Turns out that feeling I had as a senior in college, was absolutely right. A Baylor MBA is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Had I not had the courage and drive to make the leap from undergrad to grad school, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t have the job or the friends that I do. And I wouldn’t have the deep business knowledge that I gained while there. Safe to say, two years into my post-graduate career, I’m still saying “Sic ‘Em!”

Andrew was a founding member of Baylor’s Adam Smith Society chapter and traveled to Scotland as a member of the Society. He graduated with a concentration in marketing, served as a Business Plan Advisor for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, and was President of the Graduate Business Association. He also worked as a marketing graduate assistant for Baylor Campus Recreation and Baylor’s Career Center.

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