Louis Lasseter, 2023

Louis Lasseter

Building games that I hope will be fun and probably won’t explode

Career Goals

I hope to create fun and new games that will be engaging and entertaining.



I have played many games some good some less good.
I’ve coded a few games that functioned as expected and were entertaining to others.
Dark West Game Pitch

Games Created

Space Hook  https://blogs.baylor.edu/baylor_gaming/2019/10/03/game-maker-game-1-space-hook/

Bank Busters https://blogs.baylor.edu/baylor_gaming/2019/12/05/bank-buster/


Favorite Games

Minecraft, Space Engineers, Age of Empires II, Skyrim Elder Scrolls V

Classes Taken

  1. CSI 1337
  2. CSI 1095
  3. CSI 1430
  4. CHA 1088
  5. GTX 2302
  6. MTH 1321
  7. REK 1310


  1. Video Game Pitch