The Rampaging Wizard

In this game, you are a wizard and must defeat the undead army and destroy the boss. You can fire magic attacks to kill enemies. If you lose hp you can simply pick up a potion which will increase your hp by one. Gems can be collected by defeating enemies. If you have enough gems, then you can buy another magic attack which is activated by pressing right mouse button. The “magic” was accidentally set to persistent so you can fire more magic attacks every time you go into a new room, meaning you can defeat the boss in like 4 seconds on your first run.


Jump: W

Change Direction: A/D

Shoot: left mouse button

Interact with objects: enter


Bryce Clark (2023)

Bryce Clark

I am a Baylor Freshman, my major is computer science with a concentration in video game development. I love playing video games.

Career Goals

I hope to learn how to be able to program and animate video games.


I have some experience in making rom hacks and I have taken a few programming classes before.

Games Created


Favorite Games

Dark Souls 3, Titan fall 2, Warframe, Hitman 2

Classes Taken

  1. CSI 1337