Mutation Mayhem (2018)

About This Game

Dropped in a new environment you must struggle, fight, and adapt to survive. You must overcome harsh environments, giant apex predators, and others vying for power. By beating other animals you can take their adaptations for yourself. Mix and match your adaptations to give yourself the edge over your prey.

Sit on the couch with your friends and enjoy this split screen battle royale! Become a polar bear and rip your friends apart! Defeat an apex predator become huge and beat everyone in your path! Turn invisible to hide and strike at the perfect moment to win! Oh, and there are hats.

System Requirements 

OS:Windows 7, 10


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CSI 43C8  — Spring, 2018 

Timothy Arterbury
Trystan Jasperon
Amy Li
Stacie McLaury
Mitchell Shannon
Morgan Wesemann

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