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Reflection: 8/13/14


Today we went over to the law school and learned about all the things you  do in the jury and what u do when u are lawyers. we went to 4 different rooms. the first room we went to talked to us about how to be a good lawyer. one of my notes was to write down facts from both sides. in room two we learned we learned the process on how to go to trial. the order of the process is: duty –> event –> trial –> verdict –> appeal. we also learned in that room the word voir dire  which means to speak the truth. in room three we learned about jury’s. two facts were juries are either 6 or 12 people and juries can get arrested. In room four we learned about lawyers and what they do to help people. one of the facts I wrote down was don’t just say I need a lawyer I don’t care who it is because u can sometimes get someone who cant help you.

Breanna Giedt

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