Kill a tree plant a seed

August 15, 2014
by sydneykey

Reflection: 08/15/2014

We also updated our blog and finished our project. Our group had a lot of fun this week. I can’t wait to finish our project.


p.s. we are getting dr. pepper floats tonight i can not wait!!

Payson Rast

August 14, 2014
by lauren_allbritton

Reflection 8/14/14

We did more research about our issue today about deforestation.  We talked to Wilbert Austin about our issue and he called the City Manager and they gave us advice on what to do about the deforestation in China Spring. We researched about Fort Worth and their Nature Center and the Tree Ordinance to see what they have done to help with a similar issue. We also wrote a letter to each of the city council members.


Jack Rogers

Andrew King

August 14, 2014
by lauren_allbritton

Reflection: 8/13/14

Today we went over to the law school and learned about all the things you  do in the jury and what u do when u are lawyers. we went to 4 different rooms. the first room we went to talked to us about how to be a good lawyer. one of my notes was to write down facts from both sides. in room two we learned we learned the process on how to go to trial. the order of the process is: duty –> event –> trial –> verdict –> appeal. we also learned in that room the word voir dire  which means to speak the truth. in room three we learned about jury’s. two facts were juries are either 6 or 12 people and juries can get arrested. In room four we learned about lawyers and what they do to help people. one of the facts I wrote down was don’t just say I need a lawyer I don’t care who it is because u can sometimes get someone who cant help you.

Breanna Giedt

July 9, 2014
by tylerellis1
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Reflection: 08/11/2014

today we went to different room assignments my first one was elderly and we learn that not every one can get up on there own and get food or get people who visit them and it’s really I went to my second group witch was environment and I relished how many people harm this earth and I wanted to make a difference in our community  then it was on to hunger and found out a lot of people who go hungry and lots of people just site down and let it happen. poverty was the last and we learn that people can’t do a lot of thing  like we can.


autumn hudson