Fresh and Clean School Lunches

Farm Fresh Equals Happier Health

Day 1 Reflection


Three of the most important things that I learned today were:

1) How oil and trash go into the Bosque River.

2) There is a lot of hunger in Waco that I did not know about.

3) Summer camps help you learn more and express your opinions with other people your age which helps you learn and grow.

~Ethan Greenmun


We decided on fresh and clean lunches because we thought it was an interesting topic to talk about and the media has not covered it much.

~Andrew Burgard


It is important as a citizen to help your community.

~Lindsey Wilcox

We can make a difference by showing up to activities and helping out a little more or just the right amount.

~Carmen Dollins

I really liked learning about the animals and how we can help out at a local shelter.

~Chloe McLellan



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