Fresh and Clean School Lunches

Farm Fresh Equals Happier Health

Reflection 08/12/2014


Three important things I learned today were:

1)civil rights movement

2) campaign buttons

3)things about portraits and artifacts, it was very educational.

~Chloe McLellan

Fresh and clean lunches is our community issue because school lunches are not very fresh by the time we eat them. We have had rotten fruits and rock hard bread.

~Ethan Greenmun

I learned that you can donate things like old newspapers of historical events, candidate posters, buttons and helpful T-shirts.

~Carmen Dollins

Yes, I can make a difference in my community by giving kids fresh food to stay healthy.

~Braxten Harrison

I liked going to the library because I enjoyed learning more about history.

~Lindsey Wilcox

I would like to learn more about fresh and clean lunches.

~McKenzie McDonald

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