Feb. 5

The Armstrong Browning Library piloted a teaching fellows program in summer 2015 to encourage the use of the Library’s collections in Baylor graduate and undergraduate curricula. Fellowships were awarded to four full-time Baylor faculty members and two graduate teaching assistants (teachers of record).  Each fellow received a stipend of $1000.

On February 5, two fellowship recipients, Dr. Heidi Hornik (Department of Art) and Sarah Rude (PhD candidate in English), will discuss their experiences as ABL Teaching Fellows and how the use of special collections materials enhanced teaching and learning in one or more of their courses. Representatives from the Baylor Libraries will also provide details on how to apply for the 2016 teaching fellows program, which will expand to include fellowships from the Armstrong Browning Library, the Baylor Collections of Political Materials, the Central Libraries Special Collections, the Electronic Library, the Keston Center for Religion, Politics and Society, and The Texas Collection.

Rude and Hornik flier Sp2016