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Monthly Archives: September 2018

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Workshop by Prof. Clare Simmons: “Publishing your First Paper and Submitting for Conferences”

Flyer for the Workshop led by Prof. Clare Simmons

Friday, Sept. 21 3:30-4:30¬†ABL¬†Seminar Room Workshop led by Professor Clare Simmons, 2018 Three-month Research Fellow at the ABL: “Publishing your First Paper and Submitting for Conferences.”

Ecology and Religion: Events and Opportunities

Ecology and Religion in 19C Studies Conference Logo

Read below about several events and opportunities coming up regarding ecology and religion in nineteenth-century studies. 1. “Alternative Sources of Power: Victorian Religious Ecologies” Seminar at MVSA 2019, led by Dr. Joshua King. Putting “religion” next to “power” in scholarship on nineteenth-century Britain…