September 5th

Baylor English Doctoral students Daniel Benyousky and Heidi Seward will present in this semester’s Outstanding Graduate Student Papers.

Daniel Benyousky will present “Blurred by the “old moonlight of romance”: The Critique of Sublimated Love in Keats and Auden’s Poetry.” This talk argues that both Auden and Keats proffer compelling critiques of sublimated, solipsistic love. Yet rarely are the two compared in conversation with one another. This talk explores the ways in which both poets explore issues of uncertainty, Christian dogma, and escapism as their subjects grapple with the nature of love.

Heidi Seward will present “Aristotelian and Christian Virtue in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.” This talk establishes Austen’s Christian understanding of Aristotelian virtue and connects that to the larger conversation about realism and the novel. It argues that part of Austen’s contribution to the concept of the “realistic novel” stems from her Christian Aristotelian representation of virtue.

Flyer August 2014 Graduate Student Papers