Dear 19CRS:

Thanks so much for the wonderful support of Dr. Knight’s visit last week.  The attendance and level of intellectual engagement were  superb at the panel discussion and the presentation.  Please join us for our last event, a graduate student panel, THIS FRIDAY, April 26, 3:30-4:30 in the ABL Lecture Hall:

“Overcoming the Past: Nietzsche’s Creator and the Contributions of Christianity”
Rex Carr (PhD candidate, Political Science)

This talk will explore how Nietzsche’s vision of the future and the “overman” are a creative recrafting of the West’s Judeo-Christian inheritance.

“Newborn Bards of the Holy Ghost: The Seven Seniors and Emerson’s ‘Divinity School’ Address”
Jeremy Leatham (PhD candidate, English)

This talk will offer a new evaluation of Emerson’s motivations for writing his controversial ‘Divinity School Address’ and the impact it had on seven students who heard the message.