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IACUC requires new CITI training module for faculty working with fish


As part of its mission to assure humane treatment of vertebrate animals used in research or instruction, Baylor’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) requires prospective investigators to complete online training modules.

All investigators who submit protocols to IACUC are required to complete core modules in the CITI training system which cover general animal research principles and the responsibilities of investigators, students and staff. Additional modules may be required for investigators who work with particular species.

The IACUC recently voted to require investigators working with fish to complete the CITI module Working With Fish in Research Settings.

Dr. Richard Duhrkopf, associate professor of biology and chair of IACUC, says the module covers a number of topics like proper housing and handling of fish as well as information on recognizing pain and distress.

“Over the past ten years, there has been an increase, both nationwide and here at Baylor, in researchers using fish as model organisms for a variety of processes,” he says.  “As a result, we how have a training module that specifically addresses the use of fish.  We will require any researchers using fish to complete that module as part of their overall training.”

Click here for more information about the required CITI training for IACUC.  Contact Jill Combs at 254-710-3708 with questions about using CITI.

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